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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A & J

Those kids were awesome to work with and from looking at the pictures, you can sure see all the fun we had.  J was such a little poser and came up with all of them, all by herself. Thank you S family for letting take your beautiful family pictures.

Now, that's what I call having fun in the leaves.

Have you ever seen anything sweeter than this?! I'll say not until this little cuties.

She didn't want to smile for the camera at first, but we got her to play and got the prettiest smile ever.

One loving and happy little girl!

As I mentioned earlier, she came up with all her poses and looked awesome.

Love between two sisters, priceless!

Love that sweet  baby face.

She was a little dizzy after all those turning around and around.

This one of my favorite picture. . . Love having her family in the back looking over.

The S. Family

Yesterday, I had the chance to take the family Pictures of the cutest family ever. . . We had a great time (even with the cold temperature).  Their kids were a lot of fun to work with and plus they were really happy just play around. I took a lot of pictures and I really wanted to put them all, so I will do two different post with them. Hope you enjoy them all.

 Here are the more serious ones

We had a hard time getting the little one to stay still, but with a quick snap, we got it.

Can you feel all the loves that was going on here!

A happy Daddy with his girls, no better way!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Handsome 3 Year Old

Today, was my little guy birthday, so we went to the park and took some pictures for him. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did doing them.

What do you think?!