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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The {W} family

Yesterday, I did this beautiful family photo shot. . . It got a bit dark while there but I still like how they turned out, really beautiful. We had a hard time with [Z] , however I think we manage to get a smile out of her.

Doesn't they look all beautiful together

 That one is my favorite, even if [Z] was a little too busy with a leave, hahaha

 Those girls are just too beautiful for their own good!

Thank you so much {W} for letting me take you guys pictures and capture those precious moments.


Greg and Talena said...

These turned out so cute! Next time i am in Utah again I am going to ask you to do just my immediate family again.

Justin and Carissa said...

Those turned out great! Where did you take them? That old house is awesome.

Suze said...

In west Provo, at someone house, not sure exactly where( Lyndsie does). . . We ask them and they were nice enough to let us take picture in front of their house.